One request was for more entries on daily life, so for today’s post I thought I’d share what’s happening right now.


Stephan is working in the garden, which we can see from our living room balcony.  Daniel is on said balcony enjoying the sun and eating a dirty broom – oops.  Joseph is helping Bappe in the garden.  Vivienne is sleeping.  I tried to wake her up but to no avail.  She goes to bed late and she takes long naps and that seems to be the way it is for now.


I am on the computer and the windows are letting in the fresh spring air.  The removal of the couch allowed for us to move the filing cabinet next to the desk and my mind is spinning with hopes for getting our paper clutter trimmed up.


Oh, and why is Stephan in the garden on a Monday?  The company told him he had to use up some vacation days that he’d carried over from last year.  We though the Monday after my speech would be a fine day.

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Our main meal is lunch, so most of my kitchen time occurs in the morning.  At first I didn’t pay much attention to the airplane sounds as we get them all the time, but I happened to look out and see nine propeller planes flying in formation.  Joseph was taking a nap so I took the liberty of going up the apartment stairs for a pretty fine view of the military kids doing their tricks.  I have to say I enjoy the prop planes more than the jets.  They’re slow enough that you can follow their movements and they aren’t so horribly loud!  I loved watching they dance in the air doing spirals and forming hoops for other planes to pass through.  I’ve never been to an air show, but I think I’d enjoy it with the proper set of ear plugs.  Those jets can be a little terrifying and even more so for a 1-year-old.  I’m grateful for the “noisy” book we have that has a picture of airplanes along with the sound of a prop plane.  Joseph loves the book and when I read it to him I sign “airplane” and add a sound effect.  Whenever the jet noise scares him I sign “airplane” and make the noise and he lights up or calms down.  It must help to know the reason for the noise and that it’s okay.  This morning the jets did their tricks over our heads and it was scary because you don’t get much warning, and if they swoop over our house we get no warning at all.  Once I thought it was safe to go outside with Joseph because I saw them in formation further out, but one wasn’t with them and he swooped down on us from above and we got the shock and didn’t see a thing!  Still, I find it slightly cool that I was just relaxing on my couch gazing out the window when a formation of six jets suddenly blew past announcing their time of rehearsal.  Needless to say, Joseph took a later nap today!

Speaking of the boy, he stood for a number of seconds today, smiling before gently lowering himself down.  He has the control . . .

He also built the star tower up in the right order (four starts on a column).  Stephan thinks it was mostly accident.

He is in love with our visitor’s baby girl, and luckily the baby tolerates his love well enough.  He’s remarkably gentle; the only real problem is that he always wants to put his fingers in her mouth.

When he uses the potty now we walk together to the toilet and he lifts the seat up for me so I can dump it then we flush it together. Can’t remember if I blogged that or not . . .

He has started communicating with us quite well and it makes life much easier in some ways and harder in others.  His “more” sign (clapping hands) can mean please, water, yes, I want something, up, Mommy milk, potty, or I’m happy just to name a few.  That creates a challenge when we don’t know why he’s clapping and he doesn’t seem to answer our questions, but normally, we ask “Do you want water?” and if that’s what he wants he’ll clap again and the world is at peace.  The one really great thing about this is that his whining is dropped dramatically.  We’ve tried to train him that if he whines he doesn’t get what he wants, but if he calms down and asks nicely (defined as clapping with the crying mostly under control) then he gets what he wants as long as it’s something he’s allowed to have.  It’s hard telling him no even when he asks so nicely.  He’s even good at doing that in his sleep.  I’ve taking him off the breast at night and he’s started crying, then stopped and clapped his hands.  How can I resist that?


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