Joseph has been not exactly staying in the same place I put him down in for a good while now, though you should check with my husband because he always says “just started” when I think it’s been a while and our friend pointed out that at for months, nothings really be “ages” as I’ve claimed . . .

. . . but I can no longer question whether Joseph is crawling or not.  It’s not the normal cross-pattern crawl, but he can move forward and on purpose and in a matter of minutes, not hours.  This morning after we woke up and snuggled a bit, I put him on the potty (success #1 and 2!) and stripped him bare for some naked diaper-free time.  It’s a sunny and warmish day here, at least for fall, so I thought I’d take advantage of it before winter has us all shivering.  I placed a few strategic toys at one end of the water-proof mat and Joseph at the other and when I came back from cleaning out his potty he was already at the other end of the mat!  Currently he’s not moving much because he’s pushing all the buttons on the Japanese singing dog that Daddy got him. :)

I’ve been trying to give Joseph all the opportunity and encouragement I could manage so he could learn to crawl, but I found my first reaction was, “You can crawl!!!  Now what do I do?!?!?!?”  Suddenly this apartment feels very small.  The yoga mat with water-proof sheet is too small for him now, but if I put him on the bed he’ll crawl off and hurt himself, and even if I start keeping the floors very clean he still has a jungle of furniture to contend with.

Well, here we go, on to the next stage of adventures!

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We gave Joseph a shot for his birthday.  Poor guy, but he was very brave.  It surely feels like he’s been a part of our family for much longer than four months, but the fog is starting to lift and I’m getting a bit more sleep and feel a bit more able to function.  Bit by bit is the right direction!

Joseph weighed in at 8150grams and 66.5cm.  His head grew 2cm.  That's still off the "normal" charts for weight and it's now off the charts for height.  The doctor was very pleased with his development, and Joseph wasn’t showing off his best.  I asked about some red specks at the back of his neck and he said they were “stork bites.”  I thought that was a cute way of talking about birth marks.  He also said they normally go away at about seven months.  I wonder if the mark under his nose is the same thing.  It seems to have lighted up, and maybe it will disappear.  Then he’ll start getting “Wightman” marks . . . (aka moles)

Today Joseph was spared a fall because of the foot rest on the bed he was sleeping on.  I’d put him to sleep in the middle of the bed and after lunch I went to check on him and there was an empty blanket on the bed.  Joseph was gone!  I quickly went fully into the room and he was cooing on his back at the very foot of the bed.  He had scotched and rolled to the very edge!  I had a motherly heart attack and learned my lesson.  I have a mobile son.  There’s no going back now.

Besides the heart attack the day at my friend’s was beautiful and refreshing.  Fall is a beautiful season that I haven’t seen much of since I grew up in Florida.  It’s a pity it goes by so quickly!

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Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  The past month has been rather difficult for me, but I am thankful for such a wonderfully supportive husband!  Joseph is talking more and discovering more sounds and reaching for things with much more precision.  He’s about to reach the chord to the light above the changing table, so Daddy watch out!  Today he rolled over from his back to his tummy for the first time.  He’s been rolling onto his side for a while, but this morning he grabbed my sweater to help him over the hump to make it all the way.  There are more videos and pictures up since I last blogged.  Today Grossmutti came over and took Joseph for a long walk and I allowed myself to have no responsibility for an hour.  The dishes sat in the sink, the laundry stayed in piles, the computer was off, Little Precious couldn’t interrupt me, and I didn’t even pressure myself about falling asleep.  It was amazing how much better I felt after that hour of rest.  Everyone tells me to rest, and even though I’ve let a lot of things slide and just do the minimum of housework, I’ve been thinking that means sleep and have been go, go, go (at least mentally, if not productively) until I crash in bed.  There really is something to this ‘rest’ thing and I’m very grateful to Grossmutti for giving me the chance to try it out!

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Joseph seems to be making leaps and bounds and sleeping to recover from all his work.  That makes for a happier momma as I’m finally starting to feel rested after sleep sometimes!  He’s not sleeping through the night yet, but he’s waking up less often and sleeping until 7 or so and not just 5 or 6.

But that’s not the news you want to hear about!  This morning I put a naked Joseph down on his tummy and after fetching my breakfast I came back to a Joseph with his cannon pointing upwards!  He seemed chill but after I heaped praise on him he seemed very proud of himself.  I wish I could have been there to see how it happened.  We learned at PEKiP that often babies will achieve milestones during the class because movement is easier without clothing so they simply have a better chance when they are naked in class.  I keep him naked sometimes to try to figure out this EC thing, but I suppose it’s also very good for his development.  I looked into the development charts to see when that’s “normal” but not surprisingly they only mention back-to-side and back-to-tummy movements.  I wonder where it used to be in the charts.

Later on in the day I had him on his back playing with his mobile and wearing only a folded cloth held together by a Snappi when he rolled onto his side and back a few times.  So much in one day!

He’s discovered his feet, though mostly by feel and not often by sight.  Daddy was the first to see this discovery.

He has a stuffed dog named Scout that has a USB connection to the computer so he can be minimally programmed.  The other day he managed to reach out and push one of Scout’s paws so that bedtime music would play.  He did this five times that day!  I’m not sure bedtime music is what he’s after, but the other functions are on the upper paws – poor Joseph!

He doesn’t just scoot his arm forward now, he can lift it off the floor to reach for a toy (this is all when he’s on his tummy).  He can really lift his chest and head well off the ground and is mostly happy on his tummy, though he does still get tired sometimes.

I finally had the courage to try the wool diaper cover.  Somehow the idea that cloth was water resistant didn’t sound like a recipe for success, but it works really well.  The cloth diaper can be quite soaked but the wool cover doesn’t wick any of it out onto the bed.  I haven’t tried it overnight, but it works quite well for daytime purposes.

And speaking of caring for the lower end, just when I think EC is more bother than it’s worth I have a good day.  This morning I made myself get out of bed when he woke me up at 7am because I thought he had to pooh.  Often I figure I’d rather change a dirty diaper then get out of bed when I’m so tired, but this time it paid off.  Also during the day I noted that after eating he will pee every twenty minutes 3 times.  This pattern happened twice and each time I managed to catch one of the three pees each time and I feel like I’m starting to see some signals and understand when he is too distracted to pee on the potty even though he has to go.

Feeling brave fresh off these discoveries I decided to go grocery shopping with Joseph in the sling without a diaper.  I meant to bring a towel along, but I forgot . . .

Joseph went on the potty just before we left at 1pm and he stayed dry until I took him out at 2:30!  He went a little on the potty but not much.  A little while later I tried again and he went the full amount.  I was proud to catch that one!  But enough of pee.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that he can hang from my thumbs on his own for a few seconds now.  Sometimes his hold is very strong and I can hold him up for 5 seconds or so!  He loves pulling himself up from lying on his back and seems to enjoy hanging well enough.  My PEKiP teacher suggested I do the same with a wooden spoon and after getting him used to the idea of gripping it he can now use it instead of my thumbs for standing and he even hung from it for half a second.  Okay, Joseph is calling me.  Time to play with the little guy!
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It’s is crazy to think I have only been a mother (with a baby outside the womb) for three months.  What a whirlwind ride it has been.  The past few days have been rather miserable for me, but I don’t want to focus on the bad so I’ll write about a few things that make me happy.  I got to chat with my big sis tonight and I’m sure she’s enjoying a lot more sympathy on my part when she is constantly going off topic – to serve her kids.  Actually, we even had some minutes of good listening time without interruption.  Joseph was sleeping so I could enjoy it thoroughly.  She was saying how mothers need an eloquent spokesperson who can accurately portray what the job involves to prepare women without scaring them off.  I said the probably with that is as soon as said eloquent women has a kid she will no longer have the brains to be eloquent . . .

But who needs to be eloquent when talking about the joys of motherhood?  Joseph is three months old and we are so incredibly happy as a family.  He is such a delight and I feel is really starting to bond with me.  I still find it hard to believe I have a son, but maybe I always will.

Recent developments are most noticeable in his hands.  He likes to look at both hands now and he can clasp them together and look at them in front of his face.  He finds it very important work and concentrates very hard.  He is now quite good at reaching out and waving his hand until he gets something and then closing his fingers so that he can hold it.  It’s not a smooth reach-grab movement yet, but I’m sure he’ll get there before we know it.  One development in particular I find fun.  From lying on his back he can grab on to my fingers and he can keep is grip without help throughout a whole sequence of pulling him up to standing, lifting him up in the air so he hangs on his own a few seconds and then lowering him back down.  Holding his head up for that is no problem now.  Of course if he’s tired he won’t do any of it.  I wish I had a bar to practice hanging from, too.

I love watching Papa and Joseph play together.

Yesterday a lady I’ve only met once a number of weeks ago stopped by with dinner for us because “she remembered how hard it was to have a little baby.”

One of my favorite songs came up on my MP3 player.  It’s one that always makes me cry.  I’m sure Stephan thinks it’s cheesy, but cheesy lyrics go well with simple melodies.  I wanted to find it on YouTube and dedicate it to all my family, but it’s on there.  Neither can I find the lyrics online.  As an exile all my CD cases are an ocean away so I can’t type them up either.  It’s a beautiful ballad expressing the joys and difficulties of leaving family and living in a new country by Cherish the Ladies.  It’s “The Missing Piece” on their “Out and About” CD.  It’s a great recording so go out and buy it and listen to it.  I won’t tattle if you cry.
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The past two weekends our family has gone to France for rehearsals for my gig this Saturday.  We haven’t seen much of Strasbourg as we arrive and leave right on the edges of the four hour rehearsals.  While it hasn’t been easy, it’s worked better than I had thought it would.  Daddy and Joseph usually did well without me and I was able to focus on my work.  It’s nice to play and it’s nice to have at least one paying gig after three years of such a random study.  The group is very nice and a pleasure to play with.  After four hours I’m ready to be back to being a full-time mommy.  I wouldn’t want to be away for much longer than that.

Otherwise life continues in a somewhat normal fashion.  Well, the house hasn’t been cleaned in a few weeks and it’s starting to drive me nuts, and I haven’t been able to fit any runs in, but I suppose there’s a season for everything.  ECing has had it’s ups and downs – or should I say catches and misses.  It felt like Joseph went on potty strike yesterday as he’d refuse to pee and then go almost as soon as I took him off the potty.  Today, however was encouraging because I decided to brave the walk to PEKiP without a diaper – for Joseph, that is.  I wasn’t too surprised that both ways he held it in and I didn’t get a drop on me.  On the way home he went on the potty as soon as took him out, but when we got to PEKiP he was first of all asleep for a while and then there were too many interesting things to look at to bother peeing in the potty.  I’m also a little uncomfortable putting him on the potty while in the group, but I caught one out of three pees and so I count it a success.  I’m still not sure what I think of the whole thing.  I’ve tried nearly a day without a diaper and it worked rather well but also took more time.  I suppose it takes less time as you get used to it, but it’s still nice to just have him in a diaper and not think about it.

Last night the family went indoor rock climbing with church friends.  We each got enough climbing in to make us happy and Joseph did a wonderful job being passed around.  He is now strong enough to hold on to my thumbs as I pull him from lying onto his back to standing and he takes on more of the work when I lift him up so he’s hanging.  In a few years I’m sure he’ll be itching to climb the walls as well!  If it weren’t such an expensive hobby, I’d be tempted to do it more than every two years.

I'll leave you with this mini-story.  As the ladies of the nursing home where our church meets filed out of their church service I stood with Joseph facing them and they all enjoyed that.  Of course I got the usual dose of free opinions and I found it super funny that one lady said "Oh, he has cold hands!" and the very next lady said "Oh, he has such warm hands!"  I suppose that should teach me not to take everything everyone tells me too seriously.

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When I first came to Switzerland I created a blog category “The Switzerland Adventure.”  That adventure went a bit longer than planned making the category somewhat useless, but there is still plenty of adventure to be had.

Despite being a few minutes from the French border I hardly ever set foot in the country.  Numerous attempts at learning the language have failed and I have a comfortable life right where I am.  Yet having accepted a gig near Strasbourg I needed to go buy a railway discount card and the tickets for the first rehearsal.  It was surprisingly difficult to figure out the busses and prices to St. Louis, but despite “mommy brain,” as my sister calls it, I did come up with a plan and the reason why I’m blogging about it is because I executed it flawlessly and in the award-winning time of 2 hours.  I say two things in French besides “yes” and “no” and it’s “I don’t understand French” and “Do you speak English or German?”  The latter let me get what I need at the ticket counter using my German and this trip I decided to use a smile instead of the former when greeted by friendly bus companions.

I wasn’t sure if I’d bought the right tickets, but against all odds our tickets were checked and I wasn’t given any trouble.  Hurrah for Momma!  This little excursion reminded me that I’m not a particularly experienced world traveler.  I’ve just been in Switzerland long enough to go for many days comfortably without having an adventure.  It’s time to be more adventurous!

Joseph slept peacefully during his entire first trip to France.

Speaking of the sweet little guy, he also had his first trip to a bar yesterday evening.  He was awake and content for over an hour despite the noise and live music.  Thanks to Basel’s new smoking ban, we were able to celebrate Richard’s birthday bit as a family.

In the potty news, I missed a really huge one this morning because I thought Joe was complaining about his stuffy nose.  It surely makes me appreciate the times we do catch it!  Also, I had read that when babies are being carried in wraps close to mama or papa they don’t like to pee and will wait until they are out.  The recommendation then is to give the baby the opportunity to go before and after being in the wrap.  Usually I’m too focused on trying to keep him sleeping from wrap to bed so I can get something done, and besides I found it hard to believe since when his diaper is off he’ll go three times in an hour.  Today, however, he woke up as I took him out of the wrap so I put him on the potty.  It’s not too surprising that he peed, but what amazed me is that his diaper was completely dry after 2 ½ hours in the wrap!  It’s funny how despite the success we’re having, I still somehow don’t believe what the EC say is true.  Just think what we could do if I actually believed in what we’re doing!  I’m too insecure and concerned about what I think everyone else is thinking about me . . .

Hm, I suppose that’s one way to have more adventures.
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This morning Joseph and I went to our first PEKiP course.  PEKiP stands for Prager-Eltern-Kind Program, which means the “Prague parent-child program.”  Someone here recommended it and when I found out it’s 1 ½ hours of naked baby time and that there was a class starting up soon I signed up without too much further research.  I don’t know if that smart or not, but here we are.  There are six ladies and their babies in the class but only five were there today.  Three are second or third time mothers and have done PEKiP before.  We mostly got to know each other today so I can’t judge yet how it is.  The instructor spent quite a bit of time watching and learning about each child.  We’ll see what happens.  Of the two ulterior motives I had for taking this class, one is shot out of the water.  I wanted to get to know local Swiss mothers and have a natural setting for practicing Swiss German but at least three of the other four mothers are German!  That’s good news for my High German, I guess.  The other ulterior motive was getting 1 ½ hours of diaper free time and seeing how others dealt with elimination needs.  I mentioned this and it turns out they don’t bother watching signals.  They just clean up when a mess occurs.  I think I’m going to bring my “potty” along anyway because Joseph consistently became fussy before he peed (three times) so it shouldn’t be too hard to at least give him the opportunity to go when he becomes fussy.  Otherwise he was happy to be naked in a warm room (I was sweating like mad!) and only really cried at the end because he was ready for a nap.  Unfortunately, I didn’t learn any great ways to keep yourself from getting peed on or not worrying about when the baby will pee.  I couldn’t watch too much since I was focusing on Joseph, but mostly they just kept their babies on the towels on the floor and held the towel around them if they held their babies.  I just got peed on, but that’s starting to bother me less and less . . .
So, it’s good observation time, but won’t be good for support.  I need to find a Swiss EC group.  I wonder what EC is in German.

Yesterday Joseph had his 2 month appointment.  He’s still at the top of the charts for weight (6.780 kilograms, 59.5cm, 41.5cm head at 10 weeks).  (That was quite obvious at PEKiP this morning.  He was one of the bigger babies but one of the youngest!  The babies are between 2 and 4 months.)  The doctor asked if we’d cut Joseph’s hair.  I said “no” and he said “It looks funny.”  Other than that he was very encouraging and impressed with Joseph’s progress, especially with head control.  And his hair does look funny . . .
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I’m not sure we fully appreciate how good Joseph is to us.  Yesterday we went to a friend’s wedding and he did a wonderful job during the hour plus drive and during the service.  He was awake but didn’t make much noise as he smiled and played.  He’s starting to not want the breast all that often and drinks deeply when he does nurse so he can go longer between feedings.  He only just started to fuss at the end of the trip home.  He did a great job with all the noisy people at the reception.  He even fell asleep for a bit.  Maybe he’s starting to recognize noisy people as background noise.

Last night he went to be around 8 and only woke up to feed at 1am and 4am.  I got two three-hour stretches of sleep!  He was up around 6 with a wet, but clean diaper and proceeded to deposit a massive amount of waste right into the potty while breastfeeding (Mommy’s figured out a thing or two about how to work it).  It’s soooooooo nice to know that there’s one more diaper explosion I don’t have to clean up after.  In general we catch at least one pooh a day but I’ve not made much progress in identifying signals of need.  I’m fine with that.  The most important thing for me is that I don’t stress about it but take it as it comes.  I hope to get better at reading him, but if you focus too hard on it you can’t see anything.  Being more relaxed about this and other various aspects of baby care help me to enjoy Joseph and the time we have together much, much more.  What blessed parents we are!
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This weekend was the best weekend yet with little Joseph.  We got to be together as a family the whole weekend and we got lots done and had lots of fun!

We no longer sleep in on Sunday morning for obvious reasons.  Joseph is always ready for some entertainment much earlier than we would like, but it has the added benefit of leaving us with lots of time together before church.  This time we went up the hill behind our apartment and watched the Basel flight club launch and fly gliders.
We didn’t have time for a ride, though . . .

In the picture below you can see our apartment and the pool I swim in.  They almost fly over our place!  (More)

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And some days I think that I can’t make it.  Everyone talks about labor being hard, but somehow life after gets lost in the fuss.  Thanks to all my wonderful supporters!  I couldn’t be the mommy I am without you all!

But I started this post saying some days are wonderful – and they really are!  Today was one such day so far.  It’s the little things that make life so exciting.  My daily run is starting to have a very positive effect on my energy level and emotional stability.  It’s starting to be my favorite time of day not just because I can work up some energy, but also because it means swimming time!!!  Joseph has picked up on the pattern.  He smiled big smiles when I put him in the trailer this morning and he smiled big smiles as I undressed him for bath time.  He knows what’s coming!  Grossmutti arrived just in time to see Joseph swim and she got to see how excited he was to go in the water, too.  (And Joseph doesn’t yet have stage fright.)  She also saw how Joseph is learning awareness of his bodily functions.  I always give him a chance to go on the “big potty” i.e. the toilet (I hold him over it – he’s not sitting yet . . .) and he had a little pooh and started to fuss.  I thought that meant he was done so I took him away and he screamed bloody murder.  Ask Grossmutter.  He was one mad little boy.  I put him back on and sure enough he had to pee and afterwards was perfectly content to come off the potty.  Now, if Mommy can only learn the difference between “I’m fussing because I have to go” And “I’m fussing because I’m DONE WITH THIS STUPID POTTY!”
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No new pictures up yet, but here's a teaser.

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Joseph is very good to me in that he is happy to be in his bike trailer while I go for a run.  It’s a great break for me and it’s wonderful to be running again and it feels great to be getting some exercise.  After running we take a bath together and practice swimming.  Joseph had bath time with daddy while I was recovering and learned to love playing on his back.  Whenever he’s in the water now he throws himself back so that he can lie down in the water like he does with daddy.  I can now hold just his neck and he will happily balance himself in the water, smiling and giggling.  What fun!  I’m excited to start the swim course when he’s three months.  I haven’t tried putting him under the water yet.  We’ll practice a few other games before I try that, but maybe someday I’ll get up the courage to do it.
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This morning Joseph had his first month checkup.  He did wonderfully!  He slept as I got ready to go, he slept on the way there, he sat happily listening to the music box and batting his arms and moving his legs as the doctor inspected him, he got a little fussy at the end but was stilled with a finger until I could go nurse him, and he slept all the way home!  The doctor was very happy, and even though I wasn’t nervous, I somehow feel better with the doctor’s affirmation.  It’s as though someone from the outside has said “You are a good mother. Stop worrying.”  Not that I worry all that much, I just wonder if I shouldn’t be doing more or doing something I don’t know about but have no excuse not knowing about or . . .

He weighed in at 5.450kg (at the top of the curve), has a big head and is right in the middle with length.  His eye has cleared up (he just had a little ‘sleep’ that can mean various things with babies) so that’s fine and everything else the doctor checked was “tip top.”

Now for an afternoon with Grossmutti!
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Joseph does more than poop and pee and it’s about time I wrote about it.  He’s growing quickly and can hardly be thought of as a newborn and it’s only been five weeks!  He has smiled since birth but for the past week he has been consistently smiling directly at people.  Daddy gets the most – he loves playtime with daddy!  I get a few, but mostly I have the privilege of seeing him smile when he nods off to sleep.  He might fight sleep vigorously since he always wants to watch what’s going on, but once he does start to fade often the first sign is a big, bright, beautiful smile.

He also loves to look at the ceiling no matter where we are.  It’s not just a matter of his head falling back.  He purposely pushes his head back so he can look up and then stares with big eyes.  He insists on doing this even while in the Moby Wrap, so usually I have to have one hand supporting his head and I’m still one-handed unless he’s a sleep and then I can tuck his head away and work with both hands – a rare privilege these days.

He gets better and better about holding his head up when on his tummy.  He kicks like crazy and if you put a hand behind his feet he’ll launch forward since he often holds his head up and kicks at the same time.

He still only sleeps 2-3 hour stretches even at night, but at night he’ll go right back to sleep after the eat/change, so that is a great blessing!

It’s fun to watch him grow and change!
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