You’ve been warned.


Despite a rather long break from ECing with Joseph because of preparing for the move, moving and traveling in Ireland, Joseph hasn’t forgotten how to use the potty.  In fact, he quickly surpassed his previous skills and it still amazes me what he can do.  I marvel at it, really.  Our nine-month-old baby crawls to me saying “mamama” in a fussy tone when he needs to pee.  Then he waits until Mommy gets it and puts him on the potty where he does his business.  I might add that his favorite position is holding his hose, which I’m not sure is a good thing or not.  Mostly he keeps it pointed downwards, only once he got a surprise . . .

He doesn’t go #2 as often as before, which means that I can tell when it’s about to come and usually it’s in the morning so we catch it right after he wakes up.  But sometimes he can wait for me if I’m lazy getting out of bed.  Amazing.  It’s still amazing to me because sometimes it doesn’t work.  Sometimes he happily poo on the floor smiling up at me or he’ll refuse to use the potty even though it’s been two hours.  At those times no sooner do I take him off the potty than he goes on the floor!  It’s times like those that I realize he’s just nine months and that would be considered normal, but I get frustrated because I know he has control at least sometimes.  Now I’d say he has control and is willing to communicate most of the time.  That’s incredible!  I’ve gotten bold.  The other day we only missed one pee from wake-up to 2pm.  Yesterday I went shopping with Joseph in the sling on my back wearing no diaper.  We were gone an hour and toward the end he got fussy and I felt something warm and wet at the small of my back.  As soon as we got home I took him out and realized it was just my sweat.  I put him on the potty and he went!  I’m really enjoying that he can communicate rather clearly about his need to go.  It’s no longer just a feeling (though that plays a part, too).  If I’m not sure I show him the potty and ask if he wants to go and if he smiles and reaches for it then he goes but if he doesn’t putting him on it is futile!  I’ve started signing more with him, but not as much as I should.  If I’d be signing from the beginning I’m sure he’d be starting to sigh by now.  But there’s no better time to start than now!

I think I’ve failed to mention elsewhere that he is very stable on his feet now.  He shows no interested in standing without a hand grip, but he is very able to lower himself down to a comfortable position.  He can catch himself when he falls and he knows where the edge of the bed is and how to slide off sideways.  Being a Mom is an amazing job!

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Things have been plenty busy around here with several trips to Basel for rehearsals and other commitments but it’s been a week since my last post so here’s a little more for you.


Stephan has been coming home for lunch, which we’ve made the made meal of the day.  It’s lovely to share every meal with him, though it takes quite a bit of time to prepare and to clean up on my own with Joseph.  In general, I’ve been pleased with my progress of figuring out how to keep house without taking too much time so I can be there for my family.  Joseph is enjoying the extra space and can crawl quite fast now.  He loves people and will happily go to and play with anyone who smiles at him.  This is quite a hit on the trains.  If someone doesn’t look at him, he coos and smiles at them until they do.  He expects the attention and loves it.  Of course, Mommy has to be near by and when he wants me nobody else will do, but it is nice that he doesn’t need me all the time.  He’s spent a number of hours with Grossmutti away from me and has done just fine, so maybe we’re coming up to the time when I can have an evening off and go out somewhere.  Who knows!


March 27th Joseph surprised us by moving from the seated position on the train to scooting backwards onto the floor.  It was very smooth and deliberate, but it still must have been half luck because he’s not usually that intentional about getting down off sofas and beds, though he’s getting better!


What’s also surprising to me is Joseph’s third word (after “Mama” and “Bappe”).  When he’s unhappy about something he whines “nei nei nei nei nei” which is pronounced like the German word “nein” meaning no.  His mother tongue is English, but so far all three words he speaks are more Swiss German than English!


We’re enjoying beautiful spring weather here.  I hung some laundry up outside yesterday and wild flowers and blooming and birds are singing.  It’s easy to be in a good mood!  (Disclaimer: That doesn’t stop me from getting frustrated when Joseph is too much, but I’m learning to be more and more patient.)

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I’ll have to update you on the move and the Ireland trip later.  We moved, we survived and we had a great time in Ireland.  Now for a few notes on Joseph’s developments.

Feb. 25th Joseph starts pushing buttons on purpose.  He has a book from Liz, our HIPPO friend from Japan that sings songs when you press the buttons.  They are fairly light, so he can play with them easily now.  He turns the pages to books, too.  It’s so cute!

Feb. 26th Joseph cruised along the wall and around a door post.  It’s funny writing these notes up.  He is so much more mobile now it’s a month later!

Feb. 27th Joseph’s upper left tooth broke through.

March 14th Joseph crawled through a cubby in our new home.  He got stressed out at the end when he realized he couldn't lift his head to sit or back up, but I encouraged him to come all the way through and he was proud of himself when he did!

March 15th I found him after a nap happily playing at the side of the bed.  Somehow he’d gotten off without hurting himself.  Since then I’ve watched him half by accident slide off and land feet first.  He’s aware of edges most of the time, but doesn’t know to purposefully turn around to go feet first.  It’ll come!

March 18th or there abouts Joseph shows that he loves eating beets and banana.  I think beets are is favorite.  When eating food bits too small for grabbing with his whole hand he uses his index finger to draw the food toward the back of his thumb on the nail.  It’s not quite pincher grasp, but it works well!  He also consistently creeps on hands and knees now and moves into the sitting position and back easily.

March 25th I put him outside in the grass for the first time (without snow) since it was a beautiful day.  He didn’t like it at all.  He really didn’t like the feel of grass on his bare feet.  I guess he’s not his mother’s boy in every respect . . .

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The best news of the week is the arrival of two babies, but that’s not my news to share so I’ll write about our move.

On January 29th our thinking changed and instead of planning to moving in the summer to Lucerne for Stephan’s new job with Swiss Steel we decided to move in March.

On the 31st we handed in our notice that we were leaving our current apartment.

On February 3rd we started visiting apartments in the Lucerne area and the next day we visited the place that would become ours.  We visited it again on the 7th and signed the contract for it on the 10th.

The move is scheduled for March 1st and 2nd and we fly to Ireland for a friend’s wedding on the 5th.  Life is just a little crazy with so much happening so quickly and a little one still needing love and attention, but we hope the earlier move will mean a peaceful household sooner rather than later!  It’s been a little stressful, but we had a wonderful weekend off at BCF’s annual winter retreat in Lungern February 18-20.  Joseph was at a great age for the trip since he could crawl around and discover the world inside without feeling cooped up.  He was very social, staying up until 10 or 11 and then sleeping in until 8 or 9!

Joseph also likes to play “peek-a-boo” and can lift an object in front of his own face to play it.  His favorite way to play it is to hide behind something, or to be standing behind something so he can duck his head a little and then peek back over the edge.  We have a cute video of him playing this with his Daddy in Swiss German.  Videos will come, but Daddy’s trying to pack for the move, too . . .

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February 17th Joseph’s top right tooth finally broke through.  It had been swollen for a week and we were all happy when it finally came!

I finally overcame my fear of Joseph choking on food thanks to YouTube.  I’d heard of “baby led weaning” from an acquaintance here and was intrigued but scared that if you gave a baby a piece of food big enough for him to hold he could bite off a dangerous chunk and choke.  What finally pushed me over into trying it was that Joseph has been unhappy during meal times and very interested in our food.   I did a little research and watched a few six-month-old babies handling food on their own on YouTube, which calmed my fears enough to try it.  I brought up the high chair and Joseph sits very happily  with us at the table munching on and experimenting with whatever we give him.  We’ve been doing this for a week or so and I’ve really calmed down about it.  Joseph handles the food like a champ and loves it!  He’s eating a whole orange wedge (Feb. 13), though usually he just sucks the juice out.  He loves oranges and it’s the best for teething!  He’s also gotten bread crusts, onion(! He loved it!), tomato, couscous, and whatever else we’re eating that isn’t too spiced (the doctors concern when I brought up table food was that it had too much salt).  His diapers haven’t gotten too interesting yet, but I’m sure they will. ;)

For quite a number of weeks now Joseph has remained dry during naps and peed on the potty right after waking up.  We are thrilled and amazed at this ability.  On the other side of things on the 9th he peed on me while on my hip for the very first time and then did it again later the same week.  Maybe I’m over-confident or maybe I’m missing the cues.  In any case, we have ups and downs but are still glad we’re doing diaper-free time.

That’s it for now!

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Joseph continues to impress us with his ever increasing agility.  He is very good at catching himself if he looses his balance or grip (though he still sometimes falls) and he is rather comfortable lowering himself down as well as pulling himself up now.   Feb. 2nd he cruised from the sofa chair to the baby bay to the rocking chair to a dining room chair to me – it was quite the tour!

The big news, however is that February 1st in PEKiP he started creeping on hands and knees.  The floor surface at PEKiP is rubber matting so his usually fast belly crawl doesn’t work so well.  Stephan and I were excited to watch him make his first few “steps” on hands and knees.  Stephan has the month off so he is enjoying PEKiP with us.  We’re so happy to have Daddy there to watch the fun!  Yesterday I put Joseph at the end of the collapsed ironing board and rested the other end on my knees.  I used a toy to lure him up the board, and he did a beautiful creep up to me as the board is too narrow for a belly crawl to work.  On his own, Joseph has been doing a mix of belly and hand-and-knees crawling for a while but today I think we can officially say that he is creeping on hands and knees without any special need due to the surface he’s crawling on.  I say it each time but I have to say it again: it is so amazing to watch him develop and we celebrate with joy each time he does something he hadn’t been able to before.  Children and amazing!

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Tomorrow Joseph turns 7 months old!  He has two bottom teeth, is skilled at pulling himself up on just about anything (including stairs) and is fast learning how to get back down again without panic.  He’s a super fast belly crawler but still only rocks back and forth on all fours.  I think he spends about half his waking time standing up.  He just doesn’t see the point of being on the floor when he can get up higher!  He babbles a good bit and can say “mama” and “papa” of sorts.  The jury is still out on whether he really knows what he’s saying.  He still loves looking at his hands while he wiggles his figures.  I find this adorable.  He’s only once recently showed signs of stranger anxiety.  Otherwise he still loves social situations and attention and can’t stand to sleep if something is going on!  He’s started showing more interest in table food.

My notes, such as they are:

January 20th his second tooth came in and I realized that this is HIS bottom right and I’d reported that his bottom right tooth had already come in.  I meant my right side, but that doesn’t make much sense for talking about teeth.  So HIS bottom left came in first and now his bottom right is making its way in.  It’s so cute!

January 26th Joseph pulled himself up on the diaper pail (a bit more than a foot high) and as it slid away from him he walked after it so in essence he used it as a walker to walk across the room!

Happy Birthday Joseph!

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This afternoon Joseph cruised from the couch chair to my filing drawers under my desk (he’d done this before) and then as he held onto the top drawer it started sliding out so that put him in perfect position to grab the papers off of my desk.  Help!  What do I do now?!?!  Nothing is safe!

In the cuter news, this morning I pulled out some bits.  Joseph tore (on his belly) down the room to get a better look.  Afterwards I pulled out the bits of Grandma and Dad-o that I’d showed him before they visited.  I put both on the floor and said,  “Where’s Grandma”?  He crawled to her picture.  Then I asked, “Where’s Dad-o” and he turned and went to Dad-o’s picture!  It’s so tempting to test him further to see if it was just chance, but I believe Glenn Doman when he says kids hate to be tested so you better do it sparingly!  For now, it’s cute and it’s some data in the bank.

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Jan. 6th was Joseph’s six month appointment at the doctor.  He didn’t like the shot, but did well anyway.  He weighed in at 9250g, was 69cm long and his head had grown to 45.5cm, if it’s at all accurate.  He was crawling all over the place so it was hard to pin him down.  The doctor was pleased with his motor skills, but he didn’t see the half of what Joseph can do.  He had some diaper rash I got in trouble for, but our routine got all messed up over the holidays, so that’s my excuse.  We made sure to have lots of diaper free time after our guests had left, but we’re still fighting it. :(

Mom came with us to the appointment, which was fun!

Jan. 12th Joseph successfully peed in the potty after having refused to do so for several days (by peeing on the floor right after sitting on the potty).  He celebrated by jumping up and tipping the potty all over the bed . . .

Later that day I saw he’d found an individually wrapped Toblerone in the basket on the table.  I watched his second cousin Quin’s video of her grabbing a duck and then checked on Joseph again.  He’d opened it and was happily sucking on the chocolate!  He was not happy when I took it away.  So much for not giving him sugar . . . and then a few days later on Bappe’s watch he got a hold of a sample Laeckerli package and opened it, too!  No matter how vigilant you are he always gets into something!!!

Jan. 13th Joseph successfully pulled himself up to standing position using the rocking chair.  This means he grabs the support bar and then the seat while the chair this rocking back and forth.  This was the first thing he did that morning and completed the task while I was in the bathroom.  There are surprises every turn!

Jan 16th Joseph found a lid and entertained himself a long time by picking it up and letting it drop to the floor as he watched it wobble and settle down again.  I find this fascinating for some reason.

He likes dirt better than banana (that’s for you, Gina).  Couscous isn’t so bad.  Of course chocolate beats all . . .

He appears to remember a bit of what is not in sight.  In any case, he repeatedly heads down the hall for the plant he likes to climb up on and eat.  We don’t let him do this that often, and maybe that’s why he always goes to it.

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Today we had PEKiP for the first time in four weeks.  All the babies have grown so much and now there are three in the group who are crawling (the two 8-month-olds and Joseph).  Joseph climbed the foam steps like they weren’t even there so at home I tried him on our steps by placing his feet two from the top and his hands one from the top.  Once he was interested enough, he crawled up and into the hallway with little difficulty.  Now if he only knew how to break a fall . . . but the PEKiP teacher did show me other ways to help him come down from standing in a way that will hopefully guide him to do it himself soon.

When we first got home from PEKiP I noticed his diaper was dry and since it had been over an hour I put him on the potty.  He’s been peeing on the floor right after sitting dry on the potty lately, so this time I determined to sing and play with him until he went.  At one point he chewed on my finger and I felt a tooth!  Somehow this is very exciting.  I think it’s on the lower right, but he won’t let me look.

We were still on the potty 15 minutes later and he started to get fussy and no pee had happened.  I gave up and let him stand holding onto the hamper.  I put the bowl on the floor next to him thinking “I know he has to go.  Maybe he’ll start as he’s standing.”  Sure enough a few second later, and much to my surprise despite thinking it might happen, he started peeing.  I aimed his hose at the potty and he was a bit surprised at the noise and the stream (he had a partial view) but kept going a full amount.  He’s such a boy!  We both had a good laugh about that.

If placed in a sitting position (tripod) he can hold it for a while.

In the other news, Mom showed me how to bake bread while she was here.  I’ve been experimenting and made Zopf for the first time yesterday.  The husband approves, so I say it was a success.  I’m excited to bake more!

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Little Joseph amazes me.  It’s rather annoying that he cries every time I put him on the floor now given how much he used to love crawling around, but now he only has eyes for standing or anything involving upward movement.  I put out the fold-up mattress so that there are two levels for him to crawl on.  He easily and eagerly crawled up and from there he could get onto our couch-chair and the coffee table.  He still takes tumbles on the way down, so I’m back to getting hardly anything done because he needs me by his side - or at least in plain view - all the time.  It’s amazing how quickly he learned to coordinate his movements to cruise in the direction of a toy he wants.  It’s amazing how strong he is both in his legs and upper body.  He can pull himself up with his arms and even if he slips as his legs follow he can keep holding on.  So much for getting back to the routine after the holidays.  I have to figure out a whole knew way to live!

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Joseph made so many developments over the course of Mom and Dad’s visit.  I was particularly grateful that he didn’t develop stranger anxiety beforehand.  He warmed up to them quickly and he definitely misses them now.  We had company yesterday and Joseph and I went to greet them at the stairs as we did every morning for Grandma and Dad-o.  This time, however, upon seeing our guests he burst into tears.  He wasn’t afraid of new faces and he warmed up quickly, so I think he was just expecting to see Grandma and Dad-o and they weren’t there!

Mom and Dad’s visit was just delightful.  We’re so thankful that Dad-o got to meet his newest grandson earlier than expected and that we could spend Christmas and New Year’s together.  Because of the baby we didn’t tour around as much, but that meant we had plenty of time to enjoy each other and play with Joseph.  He got spoiled by so much attention but it also gave him so much standing practice that he is quite skilled at standing while holding something and can even cruise to the left a bit.  Today I set the rolled-up yoga mat next to the coffee table, tempted Joseph with a toy to get him to come toward the table, then placed the toy on the table and Joseph used the mat to reach the table and pull himself up to standing.  He doesn’t know how to get down quite as easily, so I have to watch him when he’s pulled himself up somewhere, but he’s starting to squat when he comes down so I’m sure he’ll soon be able to get up and down without trouble.  Crazy!

The other exciting development for me is that he says “Mama” or “mamamama.”  He done it consistently for a number of days now, so I hope he doesn’t loose it and that he connects it to me permanently.  I wasn’t convinced at first, but he appears he’s starting to realize that “Mama” means I come to him.  It’s precious!

He gave Grandma some “kisses” (see previous post) while she was here - so sweet!

He continues to be quite social.  He would not stand to be put to bed when there were people around.  Consequently he didn’t get very much sleep over the holidays, but I think it helped him sleep more and better at night, so I didn’t complain.

Of course his crawling is getting faster and faster and he pushes up into a creeping position (hands and knees) but doesn’t move that way yet.  He’s so fast on his belly that’s it’s the best for transport and if he wants to do something new he wants to stand and cruise, so I hope at some point he figures out crawling on hands and knees!

I didn’t take good notes of the adventures we had or the developments Joseph made, but there were other witness of the past few weeks who can add their own memories as comments.

Thanks, Mom and Dad for a great visit, and thanks Mom-and-Dad -in-law for hosting us for Christmas and New Year’s Day!

Speaking of the new year, this is the first time in recent memory that I’ve remember and kept my New Year’s Resolution from the previous year.  A year ago I started my Tickler system and I’ve checked it just about every day and it’s made a huge difference in my organization.  I also had over 500 emails in my inbox a year ago and it’s been under 20 for half of the year.  Considering I’ve had an out-of-control inbox since I got email, I’m pretty proud of that accomplishment.  Of course the biggest accomplishment of the year was birthing a baby, but you can’t get out of that one once you’ve started so the others took a different kind of determination.

There are many more pictures up (see link to the right) and a bunch of videos are due soon.

Happy New Year!

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Joseph is a delight to have around.  He is curious about everything and much more responsive.  Now if I don’t take him down with me to do laundry I have to strap him in his car seat because he can wriggle out of it if he’s not tied in.  He can now reach up and grab stuff off the edge of the coffee table.  His babbling has more variation and it seems like he says “mama” in not a wholly unconscious way.  He still likes watching his hands occasionally though now he can wriggle his fingers independently.  He can pass a toy from hand to hand, though I never saw him fascinated by the ability.  He just does it.  He can get at the end of a toy he wants and rotate it and move it to the part he wants to chew on.  He chews on everything so that plus the added fussiness and we’re pretty convinced he’s teething.  He has a wooden car whose wheels power a music box and he knows how to push it back and forth in order to make music.  He knew this before, which I know because I’d see him trying to get it to sound by moving it around, but he would often push it sideways so the wheels wouldn’t turn and no sound would come, but now he’s an expert at it.  Look forward to cute videos of it when we get around to posting them on Stephan’s blog.

When standing with assistance he can pick up one leg or the other and move it forward.  If I place his chest on my torso while in bed he can “cruise” up to my face and loves “kissing” me or biting my nose.  Basically he loves opening his mouth and placing it anywhere on my face . . .

He loves action and people.  He doesn’t think eating and sleeping are worth doing while there is something going on.  That means some days (like today) he only naps a total of 45 minutes and then others he’s forced to make up for it by sleeping two or three hours.  He is at the moment rather consistent about going to bed in the evening when he’s tired (between 7 and 10ish) and staying there until 7:30 or 8 (of course with plenty of requests for food).  That makes life rather swell for me.  I can be fairly confident when I put him down in the evening that he’ll stay there and then I can sleep in in the morning!  Constantly having my sleep interrupted is now par for the course and it hardly bothers me.  Maybe I’m just used to my state of tiredness.  I still do plenty of spacey things!

We’d have a great few days with my Dad here and Mom comes tomorrow!  Merry Christmas!

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We are all home safely after an almost pleasurable trip to the emergency room as these trips go.  Joseph came down with a bit of a cold Tuesday night but was getting progressively better and playing, drinking and functioning rather normally so we were just riding it out until at 5am this morning his cough woke him up and he wouldn’t nurse and he spiraled into a crying/coughing/wheezing fit.  After determining that his nose was clear I realized he was having trouble breathing and remember that at one point my Mom had used steam from the shower to help me breath when I was a baby so I decided to give it a try.  It helped a bit, but it didn’t calm him down and I started to worry since he was heaving so heavily and sounded so terrible and he couldn’t be consoled.  I made Stephan call the health insurance 24 hour number and the lady suggested rather firmly that we go to the emergency room.  Of course as things often go, even during the call Joseph calmed down and fell asleep (until turning the water off with my foot caused the shower head to fall down and clang in the tub).  I think Joseph sensed my tension and wasn’t able to relax until I started to relax because we were seeking help.  Anyway, we all got dressed and took a Mobility car to the emergency room, which turned out to not take children because there’s a children’s hospital – who knew?  I suppose I should have . . .

The regular doctor at the ER checked out Joseph, who was of course sleeping peacefully when we arrived, and sent us to the children’s hospital just to be safe.  I was quite impressed with the children’s emergency services, but of course it helped my nerves that Joseph was still sleeping.  We were seen right away and the doctor on call was friendly, clear, and obviously enjoyed children.  It turns out my steam solution was a good idea because they treated him the same way, only with a more sophisticated steam making machine.  I need a confirmation from Mom that Pseudo-croup is what I had as a baby, too.  At least croup sounds vaguely familiar.  Joseph woke up and was clearly better after his rest but dutifully displayed his cough and wheezing for the doctor to confirm the diagnosis.  Soon after he was playing and smiling and loving the morning time.  We decided to go for the baby cortisone anyway to help him recover and by the time we got home at around 7:30 he was sleeping almost silently.  We all got a good two hour nap before Joseph finally woke up hungry.  It hadn’t nurse since before 5am and the last time I remember nursing him was 1am!  My mind and my body were grateful for that feed and the whole family was grateful for the nap.  Joseph then played normally and happily, though he’s still wheezing.  I’m happy we saw the doctor even though my diagnosis was correct in the first place.  It confirmed my intuition and gives me confidence for dealing with it should it happen again.  I’ve left God out of the write-up but he was never far from us.  We are very grateful for a “healthy sick-boy” as Stephan called it, and for the relatively pain-free ordeal.  Joseph is such a little fighter still!  Praise God!

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Today is Joseph’s five month birthday.  Time flies.  Life gets easier.  He’s still nowhere near sleeping through the night, but sometimes he lets me sleep late and that feels great even though it’s always interrupted.  But on to the more interesting news . . .

November 10th Joseph started pulling the tab to his musical mouse (is it a mouse?) the Shireys gave him.  I think it is to get the tab not to make music, but you can believe what you like.

November 11th he got his second Pentavac shot and didn’t cry at all.  He looked at the nurse with an expression that looked something like “That’s it? Been there done that.  Do something more interesting next time.”  He also rolled from his back to his bell, but he was on a sheep skin and rolled off of it, so it wasn’t entirely unassisted on a flat surface.  He did that officially for the first time at the following PEKiP.  Later that day (Nov. 16th) he did the same at home with his bulky diaper on.

November 12th he transferred the ring of the above mentioned musical mouse from one hand to the other.  I’m not sure if it counts since the ring is attached to something.

November 19th he pulled his foot to his mouth during a diaper change and attempted to such on his toe.  Unfortunately his hand was in the way so he sucked his fingers instead.  Everyone at PEKiP thought it was funny that he crawls but was slower to be interested in his feet and to roll over.

Now he is a very fast crawler, often going commando style by pulling himself with his arms and letting his body and legs drag along.  I attribute that do a bulky cloth diaper and wool cover.  If he’s naked or has a disposable diaper then he has a nice cross-pattern crawl.  I have to be very vigilant.  He is fast and of course, as all kids do, finds what he’s not supposed to very quickly.  He always grabs his feet at diaper changes and of course he is as happy as every to stand with support and he can still hang from your fingers despite is growing size.  He’s a happy and good little baby and it’s amazing how fast his abilities are rapidly increasing!

Now for some news about the family.   We had to miss Thanksgiving at my Aunt’s, but thanks to Skype I got to see everyone (almost) and hear about their game playing and eating adventures.  On the holiday itself I made an apple pie from organic apples from the farm we get our vegetables from and we had mashed potatoes and parsnips for dinner.  Not very colorful, but full of nostalgic meaning.

Besides being thankful for my family, the next thanks on the list was that my wallet was returned to me.  It had been stolen during a project I participated in the Tuesday before.  Stephan was watching Joseph as I had to play and also partake in a panel discussion.  Playing went well, but the panel discussion was tough.  I used to think quickly enough on my feet for stuff like that, but my mother-brain (it’s called Stilldemenz in German I just found out) leaves me too much in a fog to say anything of much interest.  Still, I’m proud that whatever I did say I said in German.  I don’t think it was the language that was the barrier to looking intelligent . . .

But back to my wallet.  At one point Stephan wanted to take a fussy Joseph out of the church but couldn’t find the hat buried in my diaper bag.  He took the bag out of the lighted side area where we were and into the main part of the church to be less of a distraction.  He found the hat and zipped out.  I do the same sort of thing.  Everything is dropped to take care of baby.  Unfortunately, a man came in and wandered the church during the evening.  We all saw him, but we didn’t see him grab my wallet that was apparently sitting at the top of the open bag.  I discovered it was missing when I tried to find my tram ticket for the ride home.  We searched a few places but we were all fairly convinced that the strange man had taken it.  Passports, IDs, Swiss permissions, insurance cards, date-book, Swiss Francs, Euro, coupons, gift cards, etc. were all lost.  I was looking forward to a week of paperwork and bureaucracy trying to get replacement documents and wasn’t excited.  After some searching around Petersplatz hoping the thief and taken the money and dumped the wallet (as the guy did when my car was broken into in Rochester) we returned home.  What should await us but a phone message saying my wallet had been found!  The kind man even delivered it to our house.  Stephan went out to meet him and I started panicking that it was a trick and they’d kidnap him for more money, but he returned safe and sound.  The amazing thing was that the only things stolen were the cash and my Postfinance card.  (That’s a bank card that has a pin.  I don’t carry credit cards with me because we don’t need them here – and it’s good that I don’t!)  Praise God!  I feel positively spoiled.

I’ll write about our second Thanksgiving celebration later as this post is long enough.  Sorry for the long silence, but I suppose you’re used to that.

I hope everyone who cares about Thanksgiving had a great one!

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