There are so many things to write I have no idea how to write them all but better write something than nothing at all.


We don’t have a car, but we have plenty of ways to get around.  We recently got a fancy 3-wheel stroller that holds both kids but isn’t much bigger than our old stroller (thanks, G+G S!) so that’s great for brisk walks, short trips to the grocery store thanks to some storage at the bottom.


Of course we can walk and take public transportation.  Joseph is turning into quite a good walker, and Stephan has a fancy backpack for carrying Joseph longer distances.  I have a variety of wraps for carrying Vivienne.  I recently figured out how to tied such a small baby on my back with my big wrap thanks to some internet research.  I’m not comfortable doing the African tie I used with Joseph when he was older, but the back tie given with the Moby wrap isn’t good if babies don’t have head control (or so they say).  But it makes little sense to wait until six months to put your baby on your back.  The time is NOW that babies want to be with mommy all the time, and the house doesn’t wait and Joseph needs attention, too.  Up until now I’ve been trying to get Vivienne to be more independent by training her to fall a sleep on her own (gently – not with cry-it-out) so I can get things done, but it’s so much nicer to just put her on my back and get on with work rather than hope she’ll stay down for a bit and get pulled away from my work all the time.


The other set of wheels we have is the bike trailer.  Last Sunday the four of us took a practice spin along the air strip (not ON it!).  Vivienne was in the baby-insert in the trailer and Joseph was next to her.  Stephan pulled them and I rode behind.  We did a 30min ride and they did great.  At one point Vivienne started crying and Joseph reached over and patted her.  At the end she was asleep and Joseph was calmly sitting there holding her hand.  It was so sweet!


And there are still those times when a car is just the best option and then we can use a car with the car-sharing organization here, Mobility, which is also rather convenient and cheaper than renting a car for short trips.  We have to put the car seats in each time, but we don’t have to clean it, or care for it, or worry about paying when it breaks down.  Lovely!


That’s how we get around, and I’m so thankful that our normal activities mean we need to use our own legs – it’s such a pleasant way to get our exercise!

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Sept 3: We went to a bike fair and got a new bike for me.  Mine had lots of problems and it couldn’t carry the kid trailer, so I’ve not been biking much at all.  It’s so much better shopping with someone!

Sept 5: Joseph knows the Lord’s prayer (English) and also the sentence that Stephan usually puts at the end of his meal-time prayers (Swiss German).  He loves to jump in with “amen” just after the last word and before we say amen.  He is so proud of himself!

Sept 6: I had the ultra sounds for Baby #2.  Joseph didn’t like the doctor messing with my belly, but the doc was still able to determine that everything looks normal.

Sept 9: Joseph has rediscovered bits and asks for them a lot.  His favorite is still family, but he also likes to laugh at Mommy when she stumbles over an addition problem.

Sept 10:  I went to the Frauen Frühstück (lady’s breakfast) in Emmen (serving the greater Lucerne area).  I understood much of the talk, but I’m afraid if there was something profound I missed it.  That’s the trouble with where my language is.  I can follow along just find until something subtle is said, and then it’s lost on me.  Plus I’m still adjusting to the new dialects I hear here.  I was actually comfortable all alone in that new environment, but I still find it more awkward than restorative.  I’ve also been rethinking how I want to invest socially.  What’s the purpose of knowing people?  How many people can we realistically know?  What does “know” mean?  Are there as many answers to those questions as there are people?  This is a bullet update, so you’re spared any more on the topic.

In the afternoon we went to Swiss Steel’s Family Day and enjoyed food, pony rides (too scary), carrousel rides (a bit hit), and watching the big steel sorter crane operate.  Later in the afternoon we had a visit from Schola friend Nate, which is great.  He had a gig nearby and looked us up.  It was a pleasure!

Sept 11: We commemorated by celebrating life, love, and family.  Joseph spend the day with his grandparents and Aunt C and we picked up the filing cabinet we’d bought off ebay and then went to a wellness center (Sole Uno) for two hours.  I’d always wanted to try it, but it was super lovely to just enjoy some relaxing time with my husband.  That was babymoon #1 (we didn’t have one with Joseph).  Talk about a win-win situation!  Joseph loves being with his grandparents and they love him.  We are blessed.

Sept 14: Joseph has known for a while what “gentle” means and will softly stroke whatever it is with an open hand when you admonish him to be gentle.  He adores books and I’m trying to encourage that love without encouraging the whining that comes whenever we stop reading.  He reads the stories to himself as well and has certain intonations and expressions while reading certain books because he knows their stories.  I find it just too adorable.  DSTB might appreciate that he says “mama, mama, mama” when reading the Owl Babie’s book and he alternates soft babbling with loud babbling when reading the Big Hungry Bear (it follows “boom, boom, boom, the bear with tromp through the forest . . .” which I always read suddenly louder).  Those are two of his favorites.  Thanks for sharing with us what was special to your children!

Joseph signs “rain” and says “banana” though it sounds more like “min aye.”

Two girl friends from Basel (S+V) came for dinner while Stephan was out on a business trip so we had some girl time!

Sept 15: Joseph can notice that something rolls under the couch, then crouch down to look for it and flatten himself out so he can reach for it.  I would never have realized that those skills took such time to develop!

This morning Joseph got two more shots, poor guy, these hurt this time.

And the big news for me: Joseph is sleeping through the night now!  Since vacation he’s been getting better and now he often sleeps from 8ish to 5:30 without waking, and if he does wake he doesn’t need to nurse, he can be lulled back to sleep with singing.  This is so wonderful for me, though hard for Stephan because nursing didn’t wake him up but singing does, especially since he usually sings along.  Sleep is amazing.  I can be in bed for 7 hours and feel refreshed because the only baby waking me up is the new one resting on my bladder!

And I just discovered that Joseph can line up and close a buckle – the kind that you push in and pinch out like what’s often on backpack waste straps and the like.

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This was a big occasion for all three of us.  The other weekend Stephan went and bought a bike trailer with all the help we got from generous gift-givers (thank you!) and yesterday he hooked it up to his bike and little Joseph took it like a champ!  There’s a special baby insert that holds him well and then it comes out and there’s room for two (or leave the baby insert in and it’s a tight fit for the other, but possible).  We’re so excited!  Saturday I spent a few hours cleaning my long-neglected bike.  I had stopped biking early in the 3rd trimester –or was it already the 2nd?  Anyway, it’s been a while and after the birth I thought it would take me months and months before I could sit on a bike seat, but I tried it out and it was no problem!  The capacity of the human body to heal is amazing.  The trip there and back was uneventful and it feels so good to be back on a bike.  It feels so good to be feeling well enough to be back on a bike!
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