Our baby girl is now two years old!  After 7 years of always having a baby in the house, and 4+ years of always having two under three in the house, I hardly recognize my life anymore.  I thought those days of never using the bathroom by myself and never getting more than 3 hours of sleep at a time was a permanent condition, and now they’re gone and over.  Like birth, it’s such a precious time, it’s too bad that when we’re in it we’re exhausted and stretched to our limits.  It makes the memories all the sweeter, though!


Ellie is a delight to us all.  She is still small for her age (80cm, 11kg) but well able physically and verbally.  She uses sentences where she can, like “I don’t like it,” or “Not that one, the other one,” where more normal for her age would be to point or give a one-word answer.  Her diction is such that I believe folks this summer should be able to well understand her after a few hours of contact.  The cousins, of course, will catch on faster!


All we can guess is that Ellie’s advanced ability is due to a feedback loop of natural ability and interest paired with three older siblings who adore her.  She learns so much from them.  She jumps with two feet, climbs to the top of the bracchiation ladder, can do a somersault on her own, can set her place at the table, draw, paint, and cut, ride a scooter, put her undies on and off (mostly), lie in bed at night with the others and fall asleep (mostly), help patiently in the kitchen only touching what I tell her to (mostly), look for cars before crossing the street, and much more.


Her current loves are water and dresses.  She and Vivienne got matching dresses for her birthday and they love wearing them together.  The first thing Ellie asks for in the morning is to go in the kiddy pool.  Just a year ago she was deathly afraid of water – to the point of screaming her head off during baths.  Children grow so quickly.  We must remember to celebrate their successes and not focus on the next step – there will always be more to learn, but wow – what a lot they have learned already!


We’ve just started trying underwear and she has made a good start, but none of us have the energy to push it.  She likes going on the potty and wearing undies, though, so maybe we’ll have no kids in diapers in a few months. Crazy!


That last “Cute Things” report was in January, so here goes . . .


February 2017

“I doot” for I do it.


“I pray (babbling) amen.” During devotionals


While watching The Cat In The Hat on Grandma’s Treasure Chest she recognized the style as being similar to The Foot Book, which she had recently been reading, and said “Foot!”


Walks up stairs alone.


March (21 months)


“I don’t like it.”


“Morning Doseph.  No! I’m working.”  She could stop her work peeling garlic for me enough to say good morning but not enough to give a hug.  By the way, this was 5:45am . . . Ellie and Joseph are my early risers, often getting up before 6 and much of the time closer to 5am.  I’m finally getting used to it and learning how to use the time (and go to bed early).


“Rabbits are walking.” I wrote this down to show my surprise that she knows grammar enough to say “are” and not “is” or for that matter to put the “to be” verb in at all.


“I suh goo” I want a snuggle.


“Mommy, where are you?” – The call the kids are allowed to use in the house (they may not shout out requests to me, but must come find me.)  This means she was away from me long enough to not know where I was and able enough to climb up the stairs to come find me.


March 20th – her first haircut.


“tnk you.” Thank you.



Can jump with two feet and actually get some air.


I have a complicated history of music with my kids.  Joseph didn’t like to hear me play or sing when he was a baby or young child and I let it intimidate me.  We don’t hear classical music or hymns at our church, and my heart aches that for the first few years of their lives, my kids have had little quality music exposure (we didn’t have a workable sound system for a long time).  I’ve learned that all transitions are hard and good music sometimes takes some getting used to and to simply play the music I love and teach the kids how to keep quite respectfully or leave the room.  Resistance has dropped and almost vanished and I can even sometimes “catch” Joseph picking out parts of the Bach invention I’m practicing.  However, it was healing when I had classical radio on in the car and Ellie said, “I love it. Musik.”


Says her own name, “Ellie”.



Sings a version of the ABC song while on the potty, including “lmp.”


Gives I love you kisses.  She is very affectionate!


Took out three grissini and said “I have three!”  (I later observed that she did the same thing when she pulled out two.)



Says something like “porridge” to mean “orange,” but “orange juice” is normal.  (And now Stephan is teaching her to say orange juice in French – she likes word games.


Can put Brio train together.


Says, “baby suit” for bathing suit.


She loves the water and plays with floating, putting her face in the water, and walking in a squat so the water is higher on her body.  When I spin her around in the water she leans back with enjoyment.


We went to the woods for her birthday with homeschooling friends.  She spent loads of time in the shallow creek and also scooted across a big log that went across it, just like the bigger girls.


We have a night ritual of whispering “I love you” first in one ear and then the other over and over again.  First I whisper in her ears and then she whispers in my ears.  I’m eating up all the little cubby kid hugs and kisses that I can get.


I may have resented all I had to give up to care for kids, but I have gained much more than I have lost and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  He who loses his life shall find it.  Most days I fully enjoy motherhood and genuinely enjoy the company of my children.  I’ve finally slowed down enough for their slow and wondering ways to teach me about God’s beautiful creation and how backwards most of us adults view life.


It’s been a wonderful two years with you, Eleonora, and we look forward to many more adventures with you!

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