We have a lot going on and I can’t keep up the pace writing about what the kids are doing.  Here are the notes on our “Cute Things They Do” calendar.


When we told the kids that their Swiss grandparents were sick this was the response:

Joseph: I think they are seasick

Vivienne: What’s seasick?

Daniel: I don’t see sick!





Sledding!  We got more snow than I’ve ever seen and it stayed and kept snowing over the course of two weeks. We did a lot of sledding and snow play and Joseph is all over it.  For our “short lessons” we do any kind of “joy of movement” rather than playing in the gym necessarily.  One day Joseph exclaimed “Sledding could be the joy of movement!”


I made a new chart with clothes pins for keeping track of daily tasks.  It was several days in the making and Joseph wrote his name in the wrong spot so we had to redo it.  I’d pasted a paper over the spot but we hadn’t gotten to writing the names again but when I came down from quiet time Joseph had taken the chart down, written his name in the correct spot and started writing Daniel’s name.  I love those moments when the kids see work that needs to be done and do it!


Mommy: The older you get, the harder you have to work.

Joseph: The older we get, the more slavery we have


Lost his upper left front tooth





Vivienne counted down the days until her birthday.  She knew, for example, that one day it was 10 days until her birthday because the day before it was 11.


She planned her birthday with my support, but did most of the decisions (food, invitations, activities, etc.) and most of the work (except food prep on the day) on her own.  It was a several week project and it went really well.  We were both thrilled!  She had chocolate cake with white frosting and a mermaid-themed party, though we didn’t do all that much with the theme.  In fact, she wanted to change it to princesses but realized it was too late because she’d already sent the invitations (she drew mermaids on them).  “That’s okay. I already picked mermaids.”  Being in charge herself makes it less stressful and frustrating for us all!


Her upper left 6-year molar appeared.


Blew a bubble with bubble gum.


“I miss my birthday.  I will have to wait a long time – for a year – or even more . . .”


Vivienne has really matured and is quite a delight.  She is much more able to recover from overwhelming emotions.  She is tall and slender and loves to dance and pose and wear her new birthday tutu or other pretty outfits.  She takes care of most of her own personal needs (though not yet soaping up in the bath alone).  She is a willing helper for her siblings and quick to try to make peace.  She feels the need to pinch people, but it’s not as hard or as often . . .


Vivienne loves all things girly and beautiful, but is broad in her definition.  She loves Disney princesses but also African prints.  She enjoys the beauty in everything.  It’s hard to believe she is now 5, but of course most days she acts much older so it’s hard to believe she is only 5!


We love you, Vivienne!





Counts 100 chart with a little help twice in a row – his obsession with numbers reminds me of his brother.



Reaches the milk in the fridge without a stool


D loves running, at least in circles and small spaces.  His chubby face lights up with delight – I love it!





“I tsin tsin” for I want cinnamon sugar.


Reveled in the attention from Takata’s attention (friends from Japan).


Days “Dan-Dan” and Joseph (hard to capture how!).



At bedtime Ellie likes to sleep with her Christmas doll (from Grossvater and Grossmutti) and her stuffed dog.  Once her doll was missing and I can’t tell you have she did, but she communicated to me that it was in the attic.  It was!

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Wonderful grandchildren!

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