I’m behind, so I’ll just copy what we have written down.


Joseph 6 1/4


“I really do believe in Jesus.”


Skips dinner to practice blowing bubble gum.


Lost lower right tooth (2nd).



Can clean up kitchen after a meal (clear counter and wipe). {I forgot about this and haven’t asked him to do it since!}


We’ve been listening to The Story of the World in the car and in it they discussed monotheism und polytheism.  Later Joseph asked, “Are we monothesists?”



Daniel: Where are you going?

Joseph: I don’t know and I don’t wanna know. (disappears upstairs)

D: I know where he’s going.

Mommy: Where?

D: Somewhere else!



Joseph played the B-I-B-E-L song in church!  He learned to play the melody on his own and was willing to share it when we did the worship for church.  He did a wonderful job!  (BTW, it’s not the B-I-B-L-E song that English speakers know.)


Vivienne 4 3/4


Drew a giraffe.

Getting able at roller blades.



Does a self-chosen crazy long copy work!  I’m all for not overwhelming kids, but if they’re given freedom they can blow us adults away with their focus and determination!


Each person needs 2 slices of bread.  There are 5 people.  What’s 5x2?  Vivienne: “6! . . . 10!”  (It’s not clear what she understand of math, but she does have fun with it.)


When discussing which playground Vivienne wanted to go to she explained, “We go left, right, right, then straight over the street.”  Indeed, that was right.



Vivienne and Daniel play Memory together without help.  {This is fruit of our homeschool lessons where we play a game and practice loosing graciously as well as game set-up and take-down.}


Vivienne solves a word problem in her head.  How many nights until Elijah’s birthday party after Grossvater and Grossmutti visit?  G+G visit in 3 days and the party is in 5 days. Answer: 2.


Blows up a balloon on her own (with the help of a mouthpiece.)


Mostly knows her short vowel sounds.


No more notes on Vivienne! Mostly because I kept planning to write a reflection on her because she’s grown tall, more helpful, more able to calm down after something upsetting, and all-in-all a great delight.  Things are still up and down, but I know to expect that. ;)


Daniel 3 Years


“Coca cola is poo-poo.”

Stephan: What?

J: The German word for Coke (kohki) sounds like “kakki” which is a word for poo.


“Tuckle me” (meaning tuck me in at bedtime)


I asked Daniel how many pairs he had after our game of Memory.  He counted 5 pairs on his own.


Ellie had the firetruck and was making car sounds and running it along the ground.

Janet: Daniel taught Ellie how to play with cars!

Danielle: Yeah!

Ellie: Yeah!


Beat us in the game Nanu. He always knew what picture was under which colored cap.


Does his jacket zipper on his own.


Does the balance beam on his own (sideways).



Can print coloring pages by himself (I get to the webpage, he scrolls, selects, and prints himself).


Eleonora 15-17 months


Uses sign to ask or Daddy.


Shows me trash in her hand and says “dash” for trash then threw it in the trash can.



The big news is she weaned herself after we all had a stomach bug.  After seven years of always being pregnant or nursing or both it’s a weird feeling.


Says, “ha bitte” (have please)


Hears the neighbor’s dog bark and says “dets” – the dog’s name is Dexter.


Says “up,” and “Aaah dis” for “I want this.”


Says “geiss.” {This shows that parents understand through practice.  I no longer remember what this word means, but to us Ellie is a clear communicator.  I guess it still takes specified knowledge to understand her!}


“Aaah psh” for “I want to push (the stroller).”


“breybrest” for breakfast


Can walk along the balance beam with one foot in front of the other while holding onto our fingers.



Says “Saah Mama” for “sorry Mama.”  She knows the whole drill when she disobeys because of watching the older kids.  Quite amazing to discipline a not-yet 1 ½ year-old this way, but she shows she can do it so I know I can insist on her apologizing before going on with her play.


“soht” for sock


“Aah pu” for apple, pointing to a picture she had not seen before.


Makes up a sign for “ketchup” at the table.  She squeezes her hand together like she’s smooshing silly putter and makes a great squeeze-splat sound – just like ketchup.


“Aah sala” for “I want you to read the book to me.”  Read is “läse” in Swiss German, she just switched the syllables.


She says so much more than this – it’s amazing!

She also can climb the brachiation ladder right up to the ceiling and back!

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