Ellie is a super cute charmer, but we try not to let her get away with too much.  She’s walking almost exclusively and just got her first pair of “real” shoes (until now she’s had leather slippers for maximum flexibility).


She likes to draw on the floor or table and wipe it up.  It’s good that I’ve learned not to yell about such things, but not so good that it’s simply a game . . . no matter how much one learns as a parent kids always challenge you further!


She doesn’t use the potty so much anymore, but I’m just taking it as it comes.


She can eat quite well on her own, drinking from a normal short glass and using a fork to stab food, though fingers are still preferred.  It amazes me what kids can learn given the chance and calm expectations.  Food is a great way to give a kid a multi-sensory craft without having to do anything extra other than cook what you always do for the family.  Yes, it’s a mess to clean up as they learn, but clean-up is part of any multi-sensory craft!


From our notes:



Vivienne accidentally trips Ellie.  Ellie was very angry and made it known by crying and pointing her finger at Vivienne.  Vivienne apologized and Ellie quickly forgave her, doing a simplified version of our forgiveness ritual: stroking her sister gently and hugging.



Ellie starts to communicate in two-word pairs, doing things as pointing down the stairs then pointing to herself to indicate that she wants to go out with us, too.  I do my best to respect these calm communication attempts in hopes that we reinforce the power of using calm words as opposed to throwing a temper tantrum.


Her signing vocabulary is probably the largest of any of our kids but she’s using speech, too.  She says “I selber” when she wants to do something herself (selber means (my)self  in German).


Says something that clearly means and sounds like “cows” while pointing to them.

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