Daniel is growing taller and thinning out.  He’s nearly always dry at night, but struggles during the day . . . and he had the most EC . . .


He’s a full participant in the creative play of his older siblings and doesn’t need me much when things are happening, though he’s a wonderful cuddler especially in the morning or when he’s hurt.


He enjoys being around for our “lessons” but chooses to play quietly rather than participate most of the time, with the one exception being copy work.  We all love copy work.  Each person sits and does work at his own level and it’s interesting and useful to us all.  It has a boring title, but the flexible framework it provides is priceless.



Looked at the clock and said “It’s three o’clock” and he was right!  (It turns out that he was lucky that time.)


Me: What’s your name?

Daniel: Daniel protoceretops


Said our memory verse from memory (Ephesians 6:1 Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right.)


We’ve started 5 minutes of one-on-one time for each of the kids with each parent at bedtimes and everyone enjoys it, though it’s good we call it special time and not 1-on-1 time because we’re rarely uninterrupted.  Daniel likes to ask “What’s outside?” then look out the window with me and name things.  Then we fall back into the bed and he asks “What’s outside?”


Can spin a top.

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