From our notes:


After hearing thunder outside Vivienne asked “Is that a dinosaur?”  You can tell what the kids are into these days . . .



She wrote her full name (Vivienne Linda Stücklin).  She writes her first name on a regular basis at home and at Sunday school.


In the Hello Kitty activity book she got from Grandma and Joy, Vivienne enjoys doing the paint-by-numbers.  After a few of them over the course of a few days she was able to read part of the instructions herself (“green” and “blue”).


She read the “LEO” sign on the road, but we think that was just remembering.


Vivienne is enthusiastic when we do our school lessons and is happy to trace letters, draw, sing, and she’s become a real monkey in our home “gym.”  She likes to hang by one arm and twist around – she does look like a monkey!


Vivienne loves doing things with me and often chooses to help me with work rather than play, though she is also growing more able at playing on her own.  She much prefers to play with her siblings or neighbors, though.

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