Ellie has grown so much!  She now chooses walking as a mode of transportation more often than not.  She uses many signs throughout the day including toilet, eat, water, please, milk, thank you, cheese, and want.  She is a communicator.  It is amazing to watch as she is by far the earliest and best communicator (as we can remember).


From our notes:


Ellie says “baba” for Bappe (Stephan).

Signs “water” and “more”


She stopped using the potty for a while, but now that she knows the sign for “toilet” she’s more willing to try but in any case she is aware of when she goes in her diaper because she’ll stop and use the sign.



Daniel spilled and Ellie brought us a rag to help clean it up without being asked.  I said “thanks” and she signed “thanks” back with a big smile.


She started choosing to walk some.


We have a ritual of apology and forgiveness where the kids give a hug when they say “I forgive you.”  I had asked Daniel to apologize for hurting Ellie and she gave him an “I forgive you” hug.  How do I know it?  I don’t know – she’s just a clear communicator!


At 13 months and not comfortable walking, she climbed up the bracciation ladder confidently and quickly.  She went high enough to hit her head on the cross ladder and then came down on her own.  I was nervous, and when it was over we were all proud!  (Of course she chose to do this when we were trying to get to bed – the kids always know when to pull out their greatest feats of physical and intellectual growth.)


I placed a pizza baking sheet near her and she said something that clearly sounded like “don’t touch.”  Her signs are often accompanied by vocalizations (tzs for please, for example).


She drew on the gym mat and I gave her a cloth and she wiped it up.


The best signs she knows are “yes” and “no” which she just does with a nod or a shake.  It is a wonderful blessing to have a 14 month-old who can clearly express “yes” and “no.”


She signed “father” and said “dada.”


Once she started crawling up the stairs thought we were all in the living room.  I asked if she wanted to go to bed. She shook her head “no.”  I asked if she needed to pee and she nodded “yes.”  I took her to the pot and she peed!  This was the beginning of her reawakening of interest in using the bathroom.


In a word, she’s a charmer and I’m enjoying each stage so much more than I ever was able to before (by choice and experience).  I write that so when I look back later I can assure myself that I DID enjoy my kids when they were little!

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