Daniel is three!  It’s hard to believe he’s only three.  He’s been talking for so long and so well and plays with his older siblings in much the same ways they do.  Sure, he drags his feet when it comes time to use the bathroom or put on his shoes, but he’s capable, just likes to take his time . . .


We had family over for his birthday and enjoyed warm sunny weather and play outdoors and in.  He didn’t talk as much about his birthday coming up as Vivienne did, but he did keep saying “When I am three, I’m three.”  That’s for sure!


From our notes:



He can climb in and out of the play pen (just for fun – Ellie sleeps there).


He is more of a deliberate speaker, but will still substitute English if he doesn’t know the German.  For example, “Ich bin share-a das for Ellie.”


Some German grammar spills over to English for a while before getting corrected.  “I’ll put it there in.”



He wrote his name!  I wrote in all caps and he copied.  So fun!


Once Ellie fell and nobody saw it but Daniel.  She was bleeding from the mouth and we asked him what happened.  He was able, after a few attempts, to describe and show us what happened.  That was quite impressive for a not-yet-three-year-old!


Speaking of deliberate speech, I had told Daniel that on his third birthday the potty would disappear and he would use the toilet because three-year-olds don’t need potties.  The next day he said “When I am three years old the potty will . . . disatape . . . disappear!”


He often thinks before he talks, which makes it very easy to interrupt him because nobody knows he’s trying to say something.  We are more aware of this, however, and that helps.  It was quite frustrating for a while to have him suddenly burst out in frustration saying “I’m talking!!” when he had been completely silent!


Daniel loves jumping on our trampoline (indoor, but fairly large and with bungie cords not springs) and running after balls.


He plays very well with Ellie and she loves playing with him.  He is still sometimes too rough with her, but not very often, and will apologize right away if he’s hurt her.  He was one of the first people Ellie would walk to.


Daniel has started drawing people and making pictures to give to others.  He currently saves all of his money (except for some occasional very generous gifts to God) and has over 10 Francs in his savings.


Joseph says he gave Daniel a gorgosaurus for his birthday.


Daniel is quite social and likes people with people, and also hanging out with the grown-ups when they talk.


He is quite deliberate (i.e. slow) in eating, dressing, and all manner of things that adults would rather he be quicker at, but his laid-back nature is a good thing when it comes to sibling difficulties.  He can still get quite upset, and he can sometimes use his calm to intentionally push his siblings buttons, but for the most part he is willing to play “peaceably.”


Daniel got a tricycle for his birthday because we realized that thought he can balance just fine on his pedalless bike, he doesn’t know how to pedal.


We are so happy you are part of our family, Daniel!  We love you!

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What a wonderful boy! I miss him so.

Posted by Linda Wightman on Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 2:32 pm
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