Ugh, I have NO notes on Vivienne!  She continues to struggle to grow in staying calm and in control, but is wonderfully generous and thoughtful when she is “herself.”  She enjoying drawing, painting, dancing, and playing with others.


She loves sitting next to Ellie at meals so she can feed and take care of her.


For project time she often wants to bake, and she always wants to do things with me.


She’s letting her hair grow out (I think that means no more cutting her own hair – phew!) and is patient enough to let me put it in ponytails or I even braided her hair once.  Wow, we have a little girl!

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One example: Joseph and Vivienne got a candy at Sunday School. Daniel sees that and cries, because he wants one, too. Vivienne almost immediately offers to share hers.

(I decided we wouldn't eat them then and there and thereby punt the decision to Mommy...)

Posted by Stephan on Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 11:13 pm
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