So none of my children managed to walk before 13 months, not that it matters, I’m just sayin’ . . . she will take a few steps every few days but she is in no hurry.  I think it’s because she’s afraid of some overenthusiastic sibling pushing her over . . .


All of my notes for this month have to do with her mouth.  She got her last incisor (lower left) and two upper molars this month.


Ellie says “ciao ciao” and “good night” quite clearly in context.


That’s the end of my notes, but in general she is quite communicative.  She’s started signing “please” and “finished” at meals and I really have to get my act together or none of my kids will have learned baby sign despite having minored in sign language in college.  I am working through my guilt of not having a second chance to give at least one of my babies all the opportunities I imagined I would before actually becoming a parent . . .


The biggest change this month is that we night-weaned Ellie (using this helpful article as a starting point, for those who’ve asked me).  She was ready for it, hardly complaining at all (a few 10 minutes cry sessions was it).  She never want to go to bed or back to bed, but if I calmly show her it isn’t time to get up and nurse she cries less than a minute before falling asleep again.  I am beside myself with excitement having the bed to myself for the time being.  (Stephan is still sleeping with the older kids . . .)  I have more energy for the kids when they sleep at night, so we’re all enjoying the changes.  Still, it’s weird to think that the baby stage is nearly over – it was SO intense it felt like it was a permanent sentence!


But this is about Ellie, not me. ;)  She is no longer deathly afraid of the water – she even walked through the shallow pool holding my hands.  She loves playing at the sink while I cook.


She’s still a happy and charming little girl.

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