This is Daniel’s last month of being a two-year-old.  I love two-year-olds!  Aside from the toilet needs (he’s actually mostly dry at night but is too busy playing during the day to always make it on time), it’s such a delightful age of discovery and growing ability.  He uses the workspace tools alongside the others and mostly knows not to draw or cut furniture and clothing . . .


He is quite able in communication, using full sentences in German and English (no High German yet).  He is usually easy to understand despite using “t” for “k” and some other consonant replacements.  It makes “trying” and “crying” sound the same, but context is usually enough.  He speaks deliberately, which is more like Joseph at that age than Vivienne, our prattler.


What is super sweet is how much he and Ellie get along.  When Ellie wakes up she can’t wait to wake up her “dada” and Daniel responds well to her climbing on him as a wake-up.  They smile and coo and laugh and it’s the sweetest picture in the world.  Often Daniel claims Ellie is saying something that we haven’t noticed, like “Ellie said thanks.”


Whenever the weather has been warm enough Daniel likes to splash in the kiddie pool with Vivienne.


He’s starting to lose his afternoon nap, or I don’t have the patience to make him do it.  I’ve started telling the older three they can go where they please during “independent time” but they have to stay quiet, and I retreat to my bedroom for a little rest and down time.  It works fairly well and at least I get some rest before they need me again.  One of Daniel’s favorite things to do in this time is play Mommy and kid with Vivienne in the attic.  Often Daniel is the mommy.


He likes running around, wresting, kicking and throwing balls, and playing with cars.


Argh, again my notes are pathetic.



He calls his bathing suit a “babing soup.”



He watches and learns from everything around him.  Joseph has being learning about American money on games and later when Joseph said he wanted to earn a 20 Franc bill he looked at me seriously and said “I want 10 Francs and a dime.”


He is irresistibly cute with his cubby red cheeks and comic manner.  He has a slight tendency toward being spoiled, but he’s much better than he was during Grandma and Dad-o’s visit because we are more aware of how he can charm everyone and get away with stuff.  The challenges of parenting never go away, do they?

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