Vivienne started doing simple math!!!  This is terribly exciting for me as I feel I’ve neglected her education with all the fuss over Joseph’s early abilities and trying to get permission to homeschool.  She’s managed to pick up a good intuition, and though she is not confident in her abilities (who could avoid slipping into the fixed mindset of “my brother is the one who can read and do math – not me”?) she solved several simple problems with either fingers or unit cubes (addition and subtraction less than 10).  She did the problems in order to complete a paint-by-numbers sheet.


She is learning that she can learn and that’s the best lesson I can teach!


Other evidence:

“I’m learning to be a mommy,” as she munched some salad, “because mommies like salad.”


Vivienne has started to be able to play in the attic by herself during quiet time.  More than fifty percent of the time it is still a struggle, but she doesn’t really need the sleep anymore and she is starting to figure out how to use the time on her own.  She’s only lasted longer than hour once, though.

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Ellie is a year old already.  She still feels so tiny!  We celebrated by taking all day to put together her gift: a WaterPlay system of canals and locks.  Joseph did most of the assembly on his own.


In the evening Stephan’s folks and his sister and the cousins came for playtime and food.  Chocolate cupcake crumbs were everywhere and everyone had a great time.


Simple.  The joy of family.  Collapse into bed!  It was a good day for Ellie.


We love you, Ellie!  You are bright like your name and spread sunshine over our days!  You always wave to your father as he rides to work and insist on watching him from the doorstop as he bikes away.  You reach out for hugs when your siblings wake up in the mornings, and you rest your head on your mommy or daddy’s shoulder when you need a little rest and love.  We’re so thankful for you!



Ellie can go up and down the stairs easily (she purposefully turns around to go down backwards).



Joseph wrote, “put away dice,” which means she put dice in the square hole I put in the lid of a yogurt container – great entertainment!


Daniel is the only one with a name (besides “mama”) and she calls him “da da.”  It is so precious to see her reach out to him when he gets up in the morning or is finished with a nap.  She adores him!


“eh eh” means no, but it also means yes if she doesn’t shake her head or if she claps her hands.  Hand clapping can also mean she wants to use the potty.


She sometimes joins us in hand-holding for mealtime prayers.


She ways goodbye and says “tsch” and use it once to indicate that she wanted to upstairs and take a nap.


She started walking while holding someone’s hands and loves the activity whenever someone is willing to indulge her.


Her 2nd lower right incisor arrived.


June 14th she started experimenting with standing without holding on to anything.  Look ma! No hands!  And she is so proud of herself.


She has a conscious, or the desire to please.  If I walk in the room and she has something she thinks she’s not supposed to have she startles then offers whatever it was to me with a smile.

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Daniel is as cute as ever.  His speech continues to develop but he still has some cute sayings.


“Upslide down”

“e blitzli” (e bitzli – a little)


He can read the numbers on a die.


He usually puts his allowance (15 rappen for each dry night) in his savings because he likes to drop the coins in the slot, but once he kept it long enough to buy a doughnut at Lidl.  Joseph and Vivienne also bought a doughnut each that day.  It’s a good thing we go shopping in the morning when it’s not too busy. ;)


He zipped his sweater-jacket all by himself.

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