Vivienne did a handstand (not against a wall).  She flops down into a semi-bridge and it looks painful, but she doesn’t seem to mind . . .


She read all the numbers on the 100 chart with just a little help at the multiples of ten.


She can hang by her knees on the brachiation ladder.


She can sing the ABC song.  Like the #’s she’s kind of picked things up without much direct work.  She doesn’t have the patience/obsession that her brothers do to learn these things, but clearly she learns them in her own way anyway.


“I want to be married with a kind of aminal flower on the ring.”


She learned to ride the bigger bike we got for her.


She can move from one rung of the brachiation to the next.  She did it with no swinging – just pure strength.



Goes the length of the brachiation ladder.


Rides Joseph’s bike (Joseph’s note).

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