Ellie says “bye bye.”


Signs “potty” (though she hasn’t since).


Stood for 1 second without support.


Ellie waves and blows kisses (putting her hand over her mouth) when people say bye or tschuss.


She learned to crawl up and down whole flights of stairs.



I handed Ellie a blue rag (the kind we wipe spills off of the floor with) and she started wiping the floor and looked proud of herself.


“gave Joseph ball” – Joseph’s note.  Joseph “gave ball back to Ellie”


Ellie reached up to me and said “mamama.”  She often uses “mama” for me now.

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Daniel is still super cute, though we only have two notes on him this month.


April: He does and undoes a button.


May: He spilt some oatmeal and exclaimed “Look!  It’s Hawaii!”


He’s also made progress on the brachiation ladder.  He can hang longer and get to the rung that is second-out on his own.

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Joseph is in an origami phase again.  Grandma’s visit has also inspired another intense DuoLingo phase (German, French, Turkish – he deleted Swedish for reasons unknown).


He still loves comics.  After reading Asterix he was heard saying “What are you doing, you eye-dee-ott?”  I told him not to use the word but I didn’t correct the pronunciation . . .


When Stephan was putting the kids to bed alone Ellie needed all his attention so he asked Joseph to lead our nightly devotional – he did!


We still don’t do anything formal with math but Joseph ability continues to grow naturally from whatever topics come up in life.  This month he was able to calculate the 10% interest on the kids’ savings.  (I know it’s high interest, but we wanted the benefits to be visible.)


The brachiation ladder is a big hit with Joseph.  He can go the length, hang from his knees, sit on top, hang and pull his legs up to the next bar, and more.  It’s been fun to watch their strength and ability grow by leaps and bounds!


As he was folding a six-pointed star he sang to himself, “Twinkle, twinkle, six-sided star, how I wonder what you are.  Up above the world so high, like a six-sided diamond in the sky . . .”

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