Ellie continues to expand her mobility.  She managed to get up to Daniel’s workspace by first holding onto a chair.

She started creeping (hands and knees) though it started more as a waddle and is now cross-pattern.

She ate a piece of oreo off the kitchen floor during one of our tea parties.

She got her upper right tooth



She got her upper left tooth.

She got her upper right incisor.

Sleep has been rough, see the above.

She started sitting up on her own in a W, or a Z.



She got her upper left incisor.


I’ve been too tired to continue working with her to stay in her playpen at night.  She goes to sleep there and takes naps there, but after she wakes up in the night she joins me in bed.  I’m actually enjoying the last bit of time when I get to snuggle with a baby in bed.  I know it won’t last forever.


She’s a happy patient baby, especially when we’re slow coming home on walks or she has to wait in the car while the rest of us get ready or unload.


The siblings adore her (and so do we). J

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