It’s hard to believe Daniel is only 2 ½.  He holds his own playing with his big siblings and is becoming downright eloquent in his speech.  He’s learning to calm down and use words when he’s upset, but because everyone (but me) thinks his whine is super cute he likes to use it.  As whines go, it’s cute, but I’d rather not encourage the habit.


Daniel is like his big brother in loving puzzles and games.  He can do the US States puzzle and knows many of their names.  He can spend hours a day on it, with or without someone by his side.


Since Christmas he has been without diapers day and night and now he is quite consistently dry at night (usually just holding it the whole time) and mostly okay during the day.  He get’s involved in his play, though, and doesn’t want to stop . . . fortunately when we’re out and about he’ll say when he needs to go or take care of it himself.


From our pathetic notes:



Daniel got out the Scotland Yard game and put it away mostly on his own.


He can put his socks and shoes on by himself, but mostly I neither of us has the patience to let him do it . . .


Daniel likes doing the North America puzzle.  (I should note that Joseph is in quite a phase of doing the geography puzzles, so that has influenced Vivienne and Daniel.)


“Ich will do-e by mini self-e.”  Still a favorite phase in all its variations.


We’ve started walking more as a family (up until now I’ve let them take their bikes, but I wanted to work on walking stamina).  We walked to the nearest Coop (50min there and 40min back) but Daniel stayed in the double stroller with Ellie.  Next time he was in the stroller on the way to Alpissimo restaurant but walked all the way back (about 40 minutes, 0.8 miles).

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January 21st Vivienne turned four years and we celebrated with friends and family on the day.  Vivienne colored in many horse pictures and taped them up all over the apartment.  We made a pin-the-tail-on-the-horse but in the end didn’t use it.  The markers and horse outlines were enough to keep people entertained.


All the kids (8 not including Ellie) helped frost and decorate her birthday cupcakes (from a mix).  It was nice to be able to host a party with enough room for people to move around.  Vivienne got dresses and crafts and loves them all.


We also got her a balance beam and tap shoes (which still haven’t arrived!) and even though it went well the whole idea of birthday stresses me out.  I have a few months until the next round – maybe I can figure out my hang-up!


My notes on Vivienne for the past three months are pathetic.  She is the poor forgotten middle child, but she clambers for attention during the day so maybe I just don’t think to write things down.  I’m feeling really guilty about neglecting all my kids right now and writing this post isn’t helping.  Still, if I don’t write it now I’ll only get further behind and have more guilt!  She is learning a lot but I’m not nearly as intentional or responsible as I was when I had one kid and a baby – duh.  My organization has only gained me so much time and with the move all that fell apart as well . . .  anyway, here we go.


Vivienne’s growth is still much more socially and physically oriented.  She is quite elegant in movement and loves dancing and “teaching” dance by telling me to follow her actions.


She loves to help out and is able in housework when she wants to be.  When she is herself she is delightful and able, but she is still young and struggles with her temper.


We’ve started having weekly tea parties and she enjoys trying to have good manners and trying to guess what would be good manners or not.  For example, she asked if laughing would be good manners.  I said it depended on the laugh, and she gave a few examples saying “that would be okay” or “this would not be okay.”


Vivienne loves clothes and changes several times a day.  She’s doing better about cleaning up after herself, but there are still clothes everywhere . . .


She loves Ellie and likes to feed her at meals and carry her and play with her.  Mostly she is gentle enough and Ellie adores her.


Vivienne and Joseph are great playmates now, able to communicate and share in creative stories together.


We’re taking a week off of media time, but she’s grown able with the mouse and doing games on


She likes to go out for walks or rides whenever she can.


She is now independent in the bathroom for all types of business.


From our notes:



Traced ABC letters from wooden puzzle with Joseph.  Wrote many upper case one her own.


Counted the 12 oranges on the orange juice container.


Started going to Schöfli Sunday school.  Her Swiss German is also improving rapidly.



Went to neighbor’s on own to ask if they could play.


Ha!  I just looked at the reflection I did for Joseph at four years, thinking it would have more detail, but my guilt just had me over worried.  I didn’t write all that much and it’s clear that Vivienne’s language is much stronger than Joseph’s at that age.  I will never be able to treat my kids equally and I’m not sure that’s the point either.  I’ve got to get over this mommy guilt and just take the next steps in our lives!


We love you, Vivienne!

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