Being away for two months is disorienting.  I almost didn’t recognize the living room when I arrived.  I forgot the pit to the card I use for everything here.  I have to think about where things are in the kitchen instead of doing my usual dance from place to place. I get my z’s and y’s mixed up when typing.


Jet lag with three kids under 5 is also disorienting.  I put my skirt on inside out this morning . . . and my shirt.


So we’re all a little bit a lot tired, but things are going really rather well.  I am astounded how much having routines and systems helped us hit the ground running.  My natural tendency would be to say “We just arrived after a long, hard trip, we should sit and relax a bit. We deserve a break.”  Instead, we decided to give our 24-hour future selves a gift and unpacked nearly everything before Stephan left for work the next morning.  We had our usual outing and the kids remembered when project time and media time were.  Without such established routines, I would NEVER have said “yes, you can paint” less than 24 hours after arriving home from a two month trip.  The routines helped us all start feeling grounded right away and the amount of stuff I’ve accomplished is shocking.


But it has only worked for the things I had a good routine or system for.  The rest, like blogging, finances, photos/videos and friends, is falling further behind.


Surprisingly, despite shunning leisure time, I actually feel I have more energy than I would have if I’d taken a break first.  Getting things done relieves a great burden, and with the air clear I can use the little moments to truly rest.  I’m starting to believe that the idea of “leisure” is a sinister plot by aliens to ruin society.  It’s really not all it’s cracked up to be.  I doesn’t bring the fulfillment, pleasure, and peace that real work does.  So here’s to finding a system for blogging and caring for friends that I can stick with!


Love to everyone.  I’m missing those I said goodbye to, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with those I haven’t see in a while!


We had a wonderfully fun and deeply educational trip, but you’ll have to wait to hear more!

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I always use that first night of jet lag to unpack. I love to get something accomplished instead of just laying in bed wishing I could sleep!

Posted by Monica on Sunday, August 10, 2014 at 1:18 pm
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