Daniel is talking up a storm and keeping up with his siblings as best he can.  The three of them can play together for long stretches of time without complaints.  The tireless work we’ve done at teaching them to resolve their own conflicts is finally paying off.


(And of course, we still have to intervene countless times a day and get fed up with the whining, but as usual, I like to look at the bright side when writing a post.)


Daniel is on a Fantasia 2000 kick and asks for “whales” (Pines of Rome) every time for his media time.  All three now talk and describe what’s happening in the scenes as they watch – so fun.


Daniel is always insistent that we wait for everyone before starting, whether it be dinner or media time, we’ll hear him cry out “Wait for Joseph,” or “Wait for Ellie!”


Daniel has learned the “script” for dealing with two people wanting the same toy.  This impresses me because of course it took the older two much longer to learn.

Joseph: “My I have the massage ball?” (ball is in Daniel’s hands)

Daniel: “No.”

Joseph: “When?”

Daniel: “Hm . . . in two minutes.”


He can blow his nose (if I hold the tissue).


He called a cookie wrapper a “doughst” (ghost).


After a visit from Stephan’s dad (Grossvater), Daniel said, “I fun with Dossvater.”


He can do the alphabet puzzle quickly and can do the number puzzle, too.  He counts to 10 in German perfectly, but skips “nine” in English.


We all got the stomach flu this week, and I’m still typing this up on time.  Go me.


Love you, Daniel – you are just too cute for words!  You speak in sentences and express yourself well, but you still have that oh-so-cute-baby-pronunciation.

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Vivienne learned that her birthday is next, so she started asking every morning if it was her birthday.  I drew a chart for her and she’s been faithfully crossing off days as she waits with anticipation for her special day.  Poor girl sees four of the six of us get a birthday in summer and can’t understand why she’s left out.


We have two falls to report this month, once she scuffed up her face, the other time she’d been standing on the window sill trying to get to the shade.


She saved up her money and brought nearly 6 Francs to the store and kept taking and replacing items until she finally settled on Choco Krispies for 5.60.  She let her sibs join in the breakfast indulgence until they were all sick of chocolate for breakfast.  There’s about two bowl-fulls left that haven’t been touched in days.  I wonder what lesson she’s retained!


She’s shown on and off interest in reading and writing.  She wrote “Mickey Mouse” copying my model.  She also enjoys Starfall and ABCya.com games for her media time.  She’s started Big Brainz (addition attack) as well, though she often lets Joseph take over for her.  It sometimes drives me crazy, but Joseph is learning to be a better mentor with time.  He might take over too much, but he also teaches her quite a bit.


Vivienne can do the Europe, S. America and Africa puzzles on her own (the outlines are on the puzzle backing).


She’s nearly dropped her afternoon nap and has learned to do quite well in the two hours with Hello Kitty coloring pages and her “princess pens” – a Disney set of crayons and markers she got as a hand-me-down.  By “quite well” I mean some days she only interrupts me a few times.  There are still plenty of days when she is not happy at all to be on her own.  She is learning, though, which is wonderful for her and for me.


Vivienne is still happy to help and is growing more competent each day.

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